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Our educational materials are for you. Please find below links to programs that the WZO Dept. for Diaspora Activities of North America has created or partnered with another organization to create. Our intentions for these programs are to better the educational experience of Zionism and Israel on college campuses, but they are also great resources for communities, high schools, and other settings. If you see a program below that you would like more information on/training on how to facilitate it, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you do use one of these programs, please be sure to let us know and send pictures of your events!

Aroma Cafe  Immerse participants  in modern Hebrew culture while incorporating fun through the culture of Israel’s most popular food and drink establishment- Aroma Cafe!

 Materials to download: Aroma Café – Leader’s Guide / Aroma Vocab Cards / Aroma Example Menu / Glossary of Hebrew Words with English Translations and Transliterations

Expressing Zionism in an Artistic Way Engage students to learn, discover, and present their Zionism through artistic avenues. This program intends to push participants to dig deep and creatively to explain their point-of-view in a unique way.

Materials to download: Zionist Discussions – Expressing Zionism in an Artistic Way / Israeli and Zionist Pictures

What Hummus Can Teach You About Israel Israel and Hummus go hand-in-hand, a tasty combination. Get people acquainted with the culinary side of Israel by creating and eating one of the nation’s favorite foods, learn about Zionism  through chickpeas and pita, yummy! This program includes videos, music, and more materials!

Materials to download: What Hummus Can Teach You About Israel Leader’s Guide / Jpost


**Please contact us for more materials for this program

Israel Festival of Democracy Kit Over the summer of 2011 Israelis took to the streets to protest on various social matters ranging from housing & healthcare to education & animal rights. The World Zionist Organization of North America has created an amazing visual art exhibit that gives insight to the movement through imagery and provocative questions and discussions topics. The kit provides information on what was being demanded, how social justice was  being used, highlights Jewish associations,  what role Zionism played, and how to relate with the current Occupy Movement. Check this out for more details on the posters and how to get your own kit!








Israel Pub Quiz A program the provides a deeper insight into Israeli society through use of pop culture media like commercials and video. Educating participants about Israel in a way that is organic and fun! To receive to DVD and other materials be sure to contact us!

Materials to download:  Israel Pub Quiz / Israel Pub Quiz – Leaders Guide / Israel Pub Quiz – Answers

**Please contact us for more materials for this program

 FeminIsrael: Esthers of Israel Connect the story of Purim and Queen Esther’s role as a strong female protagonist to the stories of other female figures who have represented Israel in various ways.  Traditional female Zionist figures such as Golda Meir alongside the stories of non-traditional figures such as Yael Arad, this program shows that Zionism is still prevalent and takes many forms. Materials to download: Our Esthers of Israel_Leaders Guide / Poster Examples

**Please contact us for more materials for this program

We have many more programs to offer and are always working on creating new ones! If you have a theme in mind but are not sure how to make the program happen,  please be in touch with us to see how we can help!

Shir Madness From Idan Raichel to Hadag Nachash, from Eurovision to Kochav Nolad,modern Israeli music takes on many forms. Follow Israeli music from the past few years in its search for Israeli and Jewish identity. Experience this unique perspective on Israel today while enjoying some classic rock, upbeat hip hop, smashing pop and more…Shir Madness – Israeli Music 101! This program includes music tracks, contact us for the complete program.

Materials to download: Shir Madness – Lyrical Interpretations

History of Israeli Music Learn about the musical journey of Israel singers, songs and their influence on the Zionist frame of thinking through this interactive presentation. Music, videos, and other materials are included for this program, great resources that create an exceptional program!

Israel Music Presentation – Leader’s Guide

**Please contact us for more materials for this program












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